CirdecSongs Weekly Spins (and Bandcamp List)

When I finally decided to start embracing streaming services and trying to use them for good rather than evil, I thought publishing a bi-weekly playlist of what I’ve been listening to would be more than sufficient.

I may have been wrong about that.

I listen to a lot of music during the week (duh)! This week’s playlist is two hours long, based on five days of listening. I think that’s more than enough for one go-round.

So, Saturday will now be CirdecSongs Spins Day. Here’s the first volume. There’s no agenda or intentional sequencing. It’s just what I played throughout the week in the order I played it. Nothing more.

Also, if you’re on Bandcamp (and if you’re not, you should be), you can take a look at my collection, compiled over the last four or so years. I’ll be adding to it fairly regularly, so feel free to pin this. You’ll find it at hrttp:// .

Stay tuned for other lists. Pandora’s box has been opened!



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