A Few Days in the Life (October 13, 2020)

October 13, 17:10

Amtrak Station, St. Louis

It’s finally feeling real. And a bit surreal.

This is happening. I’m moving to Chicago.

The train leaves in less than 20 minutes. I’ll get in at around 11. One night in a hotel, then home the next morning to meet the movers.


This isn’t the end result of a tantrum. This isn’t a dream that will never be realized. My apartment is empty. The movers will be at my condo at 09:00. It’s a done deal.

It didn’t really set in until I sat in my empty apartment, waiting for my sister to pick me up. My property and my mail are heading north. And I am due to join them.

Mission accomplished.

I’ve been asked a couple of times if I have any regrets leaving St. Louis. Quick answer: absolutely none.

I gave this city everything I had. More, even. It’s time for the next adventure. It’s time for what’s next.

Will I miss certain things? Sure. But it’s no different from leaving for my military assignments. When I’m back in town, I’ll visit those things. But I’m far more excited for what lies ahead.


Room 413, Chicago

My first time in this hotel. It’s bigger than a closet and smaller than a suite. There’s not much of a view, but I couldn’t care less. I’ll only be here for eight hours.

As the train neared the station, I looked out and saw the Sears Tower. (I know that’s not the formal name anymore.) My first thought: “I’m home.” It was a nice feeling.

I’m tired. So tired, I decided to waive my “no Uber” rule. I got to the hotel much quicker. So here I am. And I’m done for the night.

Netflix. Star Trek. Sleep.

October 14, 08:01

(New) Home

Up at 05:00, despite plans to sleep until 06:45. I’d love to say it was excitement, but I’ve had issues with sleeping at length for quite some time.

Easiest hotel checkout ever, because I didn’t unpack anything. Then off to my new home. First impressions are everything. The first thing I saw was the maintenance crew cleaning the lobby. We’re off to a good start.

My view will never get old.

And apparently maintenance also did some work while I was away. Score number Two.

Hoping to get in a quick breakfast before the movers arrive. It’s gonna be a busy day.


First night in the new place. I’m at peace, even as my back positively kills me. I’m convinced it’s sciatica. And it’s making me miserable.

It was a full day. Furniture has been delivered with only one hiccup: the box spring for my bed won’t fit through my bedroom doorway. My hallway is too narrow.

My mover (there was only one) was an absolute stud. He left me with a sea of boxes, but at least he put them where I wanted. Now I get to spend the next several days sorting through everything and finding a place for it.

Erik came by to help me assemble a few things. He asked if I had any buyer’s remorse. The quick answer is none whatsoever. From the first time I walked into this home, I knew it was where I belonged. There was never any doubt. And seeing my stuff here just drives the point home. I live here. That makes me happy.

To bed. Another big day tomorrow.


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