Is the World Ready for My Greatest Hits?

It’s a conversation I have three or four times a month, particularly now that I’ve retired.

“So what are you gonna do now?”

Well, I say, I’m deep into working on my second book.

“Wait … you already wrote a book?”

Yeah! It’s on Amazon. I talk about it and other musical stuff on my blog page.

“Wait … you have a blog?”

Sigh … I need a publicist.

I’ve given this page a lot of effort over the past couple of years. As of this writing, there are just short of 320 posts here. Slowly but surely, my readership is on the uptick. Still, there are TONS of people unaware of the many words I have placed upon this page.

Maybe there’s a way to fix that.

After posting my 200th piece, I made a silent arrangement with myself to consider putting together a book of blog posts should I break 300 pieces. Well, I’ve done that. And I’m considering it.

I’m not the best judge of my own work. In fact, I’m my own worst critic. Still, I recognize when a piece raises eyebrows and gains a little traction. I think it’s a shame to allow those pieces to just float away into the either. I want to gather them all together and re-present them, in book form.

Let’s call it CirdecSongs Greatest Hits.

A little pretentious? Maybe. But I can live with it.

The collection will be just that: a selection of some of my favorite CirdecSongs posts. Certainly not all 300-plus, but more than enough to keep one busy for a spell. And since nearly all the pieces are less than 1,500 words in length, it won’t take long to get from one to the next.

Far be it from me to compare myself to William Shakespeare, but if my first book looks like Hamlet, this one will look like a collection of sonnets. In and out. No muss, little fuss.

I can already see how it will be subdivided. There will be a section for album reviews, one for feature articles, and one for interviews. And that section will be subdivided into the short Seven Questions chats and the full-on CirdecSongs Interviews. I can also see a chapter geared around artists I address more than once. Each piece could have an introductory essay, most of which won’t go beyond two paragraphs.

It’s an intriguing idea.

My first book hasn’t exactly flown off the shelves. I didn’t think it would. But I’ve been told it takes a THIRD book to get people to really notice your first. Well, this would be it!

There is still much to consider, starting with whom I’ll hire to help me determine what is worthy for such a book. But the seed is planted. I’ll let the roots take hold and see what grows.

Stay tuned.


You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (cirdecsongs) My book, I Can’t Be the Only One Hearing This: A Lifetime of Music Through Eclectic Ears, is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other fine book dealers. I’m currently working on my next book, The Wizard of WOO: The Life and Music of Bernie Worrell

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