A Third Ear for “Inescapable”

GODSTICKS, Inescapable (KScope, 2019)

PERSONNEL: Darran Charles (vocals, guitars, keyboards, synths); Dan Nelson (bass); Gavin Bushell (guitars); Tom Price (drums)


  1. Denigrate
  2. Victim
  3. Relief
  4. Resist
  5. Surrender
  6. Numb
  7. Change
  8. Breathe
  9. Time


Godsticks strikes a solid blow for progressive metal with their new album, Inescapable (KScope, out February 7). The band’s heavy yet melodic sound resonates with heavy stutter-step groves, solid guitar work, and soaring vocals.

What may seem like just another metal album reveals its uniqueness with repeated listens. Deep synth grooves on “Surrender” rumble away nicely, the vocal abilities of Darran Charles shine on tunes like “Victim” and “Relief,” while the guitars (courtesy of Charles and Gavin Bushell) make their presence felt … well, everywhere! All the while, bassist Don Nelson and drummer Tom Price hold down the groove almost effortlessly. Proggers will be particularly happy with the epic scope of “Change,” an ambitious and satisfying tune clocking in at just over nine minutes.

Stylistically, the band may not be knocking down any new doors, but they don’t need to. Instead, they take established sounds and make them their own. The songs are concise and on the money.

The band may refer to this collection as “Inescapable,” but that’s not a problem. Nobody will want to go anywhere.



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