A Few Words About “Trust in the Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery”

THE COMET IS COMING, Trust in the Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery (Impulse, 2019)

PERSONNEL: Danalogue (keyboards); Betamax (drums); King Shabaka (saxophone, clarinet)


  1. Because the End is Really the Beginning
  2. Birth of Creation
  3. Summon the Fire
  4. Blood of the Past
  5. Super Zodiac
  6. Astral Flying
  7. Timewave Zero
  8. Unity
  9. The Universe Wakes Up


The best music tends to defy categorization. It elicits multiple emotions while taking listeners on a unique musical journal. The Comet is Coming has managed to do just that.

The band’s album Trust in the Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery brings forth elements of jazz, post-rock, electronica, and just a splash of hip-hop to create a sound reminiscent of bands like Tortoise, STS9, and Critters Buggin’.

The album opens with the emotional “Because the End is Really the Beginning,” a soundscape that leads the listener to believe they know the direction the album is taking. But those preconceptions are laid to waste by the time “Super Zodiac” emanates from the speakers, with all the electronic elements, pulsing drums and frenetic saxophone taking the sound by storm. “Blood of the Past” has an interesting groove that gives way to the spoken word of guest vocalist Kate Tempest. “Summon the Fire” is lush with keyboard sounds seeming to come from the ’80s,  but wonderfully updated for a fresh NewJazz sound. “Astral Flying” sounds just like its name: otherworldly and groovy. The ultimate “chill” music. The band’s music covers a wide swath while never seeming to move out of place.

The Comet is Coming keeps the listener’s expectations off-balance while never throwing them off the groove. This is a record for music fans eager to hear what else is “out there.”


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  1. Yep, The Comet Is Coming are certainly ‘out there’. They are a really good way to broaden your musical horizons. And I’m a great admirer of Kate Tempest, too.


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